Sunday, February 25, 2007


Chicago is covered in slurpee. Or, at least, it was when I went to the mailbox this morning. I was thinking how I could write on my blog how the snow is half ice/half snow, but then I realized - it's a slurpee! It was seriously that consistancy.

This morning, I spent a very long time reading Great Expectations. I'm exactly half way through (page 245 of 490 pages). I read probably for about 2 hours all put together, and Merchant Band played even longer in my stereo. I always put music on when I'm in my room, and I turn it on when I wake up. So, Merchant Band was in and they kept playing until about one o'clock.

My sister was recently telling me about how she read Dickens first in junior high, and it was so dismal that she didn't read it again for about 18 years. He does kind of write about the icky parts of the human soul without Jesus, and, it's not very pretty. Oh well, I hope I don't get completely turned off. The book is interesting, but it's not as funny as it was at first. A little dismal. And sad.

I spent time creating my pages of notes for my Literature paper (the one about life in England during World War II). My teacher lent me this interesting book about the Home Guard. I think one of their main purposes was to defend the land in case of a German land invasion. Look at these lists (I'll pick a few interesting ones) that were given to the Home Guard soldiers as instructions:

"If the Invader Comes..."

2. Do not believe rumours and do not spread them.

4. Do not give the German anything.

Do not tell him anything

Hide your food and your bicycles.

Hide your maps.

See that the enemy gets no petrol.


I like the "hide your food and your bicycles." It was practical and necessary then; now, it sounds kind of funny. The capital letters are in the book.

"What I must do"

a. Become proficient in, and make a companion of, my firearm

c. Regard all strangers with suspicion.

e.Check subversive or defeatist talk and discourage all rumours.

So, showing my Dad this interesting book led to an interesting happening. My dad. in the hallway. with his air gun. practicing his German soldier commands. "Halt! Wer da?" He says if he were in that time, he would learn the German commands. I said "Oh boy" or something to that effect.

What else to write about? I decided that I want to look at the Oscars dresses tonight. I was impressed by this one of Cate Blanchett a few years ago.

I'm not interested at all really in any of the movies this year, but the clothes are fun to see. Sometimes. Often not, actually. But sometimes.
Alright. Adios!

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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Just wait till you get to the parts about "the Aged". I LOVE the Aged :) :). No dismality there.