Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Bears lost

There are these huge stone lions in downtown Chicago at the Art Museum. When the White Sox were in the World Series, they made them Sox baseball caps, and when the Bears were in the Superbowl in 1986, they made them Bears helmets; naturally when we were in the Superbowl this year they got helmets.

When they first tried to put them on this year, they didn't fit! So, I guess they fixed 'em. I didn't know that they got fixed until today, when we saw them and took pictures.

But, of course, the smiling picture didn't make very much sense, considering that WE LOST.

The two friends from the first picture left this picture because they said they didn't really care. Oh well.
Also, just because we lost doesn't mean you can't leave the Urlacher (#54) jersey on the giant dinosaur outside the Field Museum. Our town likes football.

One last thing, don't go blaming it all on Rex Grossman. The poor guy - think about what it would be like to be him. Just cheer for Robbie Gould. He didn't mess up. Maybe it'll make you feel better. :)

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