Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Honey Rock

Two weeks ago, my high school went on our winter retreat. It's amazing how much can happen in 3 days. It felt so jam-packed. I got bruised up playing broomball (which is hockey without skates basically. you on the ice with your regular shoes. lots of falling down). We did horseback riding and tubing.We took tons of pictures and lots of videos.

Last year, we took a huge bus; that was too expensive to do again this year, so we drove in vans. My van was the sophomore and freshman girls, driven by Mr. Pan. Road trips are so fun if you're with the right people! We stopped at Culver's, and, since we were in Wisconsin, bought cheese. Here is a picture of the cow outside the "Cheese Chalet" we stopped at. Interestingly, we went to the exact same Culver's on the way back by accident.

We made tons of fires, which is pretty fun for city kids. I wish I had a picture of my friend Praneeth inside the big fireplace trying to build a fire, but I wasn't there -- I only heard about it.

It was really cold. That video connected to the link is a one I took of my friend Amy. (Sorry, the sound isn't correctly done in time with the video)

This is my friend Jonathan and me. Here comes a story. A bit after this picture, everyone was tubing. While going down, Jonathan fell of his tube, rolled down the hill a bit, and when he stopped rolling, another tube hit him in the face, throwing his head back. Me, my mom, Mr. Pan, and others were actually in this little nearby cabin in order to try and stay warm. There was a little window, and so we could see out to the hill. What my mom saw was somebody lying on the ground, and a Honey Rock staff going to the truck and getting a cell phone. We all went out to see who it was. They were having Jon stay really still because his neck hurt, but he could still move all his arms and legs. At first, he was laughing and joking; he talks about how he wanted somebody to take a picture of him. So, he was stuck on the ground, in the snow. We all prayed for him, and waited for the backboard to come. They turned him over, so now his face wasn't in the snow, and put his neck straight, and held his head in place. Me and some other girls brought a bunch of blankets to put on top of him. I think he was in more pain after they turned him over. They brought a backboard, and put him on it; his neck was hurting a lot. My mom went with him to the hospital. They got a CT scan, but then had to go to another hospital to get an MRI. After the MRI, he and my mom stayed at the house of a friend of my family's, because it was too late and dark to maneuver to the camp in the woods. The whole school stopped on the way back to Chicago to pick him up.

He was telling me the other day about how the saddest (and most painful) part for him was when they cut up his sweater. He begged them to save his sister's North Face jacket, and they helped him wiggle out of it; and they saved the shirt he was wearing, because it had buttons, so they could get it off. They had to cut his sweater, though, and he was sad about that. Also, they left him on the backboard the whole time, until after the MRI, and he said there were these spots on his head where it was hurting really bad. Turns out, it was just really bad whiplash, and he's fine, so that is awesome.

Um, let's see...

It was so cold there, that the lake was frozen 2 feet thick. So, like you always do on frozen lakes, we had a bonfire.

Mr. Mann got tackled!
I admit that I wanted Mr. Pan to tackle him, but instead Mr. Pan came to his rescue from the high school boys! Oh well.

We watched the Passion, and I didn't see the end, because I had to pack up my mom's stuff because she was with Jonathan. I think I know what happens, though. :) We watched it in 3 parts, and after the first part, everyone got time to themselves to be with the Lord. Jesus blessed me so amazingly with coming with joy for me. He had told me before the retreat that while we were on it He wanted to restore my joy and let me know His love more. Joy wasn't exactly what I expected after watching the Passion, but it was so sweet when He brought it.
"Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God."
~Hebrews 12:2
Remember today that you are that joy that was set before Him!

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