Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'm Sick.

My friend Vicky came over. I hadn't seen her in 2 or 3 years. It was very exciting to see her, but I got sick. Yesterday playing basketball, my breathing was really heavy and a bit hard, different than other times. Turns out that was because I have some sort of something in my lungs. It's part of a flu thing, and I have been on the couch all day. Last night, I couldn't get any restful, comfortable-position sleep. So, poor Vicky. She spent the night and then spent the whole day sitting on the couch watching tv with me. I was breathing with the purpose of not coughing, because it hurts a lot to cough. After 500 mg of tylenol I had a 103 temperature. At least we had a snow day today, so I'm not missing any school, plus, it looks like we probably won't have school tomorrow either, so I won't be missing school. My mom was looking up whether she could give me 500 mg more, but decided not to. What I had taken took a really long time to fully set in, but now I am feeling better. I hardly ever get sick, so I'm thankful that I'm not like this very often, but I was pretty miserable, and feeling very warm. Pray for me!

I'll try to post pictures of me and Vicky. Maybe I can scan one from when we were really little, so you can see how far we go back.

Jinny had this thing before I got it, but she didn't get it this bad. Now she feels better, though - it was only a one day thing for her. Maybe I'll blog for fun. :)

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