Sunday, February 11, 2007


So, for a while it was just me, mom, and dad at home. All my sisters and brother had moved out, and the foreign students that were living with us graduated and moved out; it was just us. Now, I am so excited because a new foreign student moved into our house, and I adore her. She is so fun. Her room is right across the hall from me, and we hang out and do homework in each other's rooms. She gives me chocolate and very, very spicy Korean noodles. I show her old American movies. I get to listen to Korean music, and she really likes tobyMac. I am actually typing this on her computer, because my mom's computer keeps freezing. She speaks so much English, so it's totally normal talking with her the same as I would with my American friends. She has already spent a year in Canada and a year in Australia; she can demonstrate the difference between the way we say "water" and the way Australians say "wata"; when she said it, she sounded like she had an Australian accent.

She is like a new sister -- it's so fun. I introduced her to 24 (actually, just having been introduced to it myself). We (Amy, Mr. Pan, and Me) took her downtown yesterday to show her downtown Chicago, and we ended up just having taking pictures in interesting places be our mission.
We took pictures at Starbucks because that's what they do in Korea when they go; Jinny said they take pictures there because they're proud to be there.

In Korea, they take pictures in the mirrors in the bathrooms for fun, so on our trip to HoneyRock in Wisconsin, all the girls took a picture in the mirror.

I am so happy she is here.


DMP said...

you are so beautiful, Anna! I love your eyebrows!

Amy Rachel Peterson said...

I'm so glad you're blogging again! Reading this was the most fun I had all day (besides sleeping in till 10:30 on a Monday morning :). Tell Jinny I can't wait to meet her.