Monday, June 29, 2009

Having your Heart Guarded

~ "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." -Philippians 4:6,7 ~

Glorie and I have been getting into a new routine; often when I take care of her on Monday and Thursday, I'll stick her in the jogger stroller and go for a walk/jog on the streets around the house. I love it that I get to work out and I am so thankful that she is at peace with sitting in the stroller for that long.

Today we stopped by to say good morning to Amy, as we often do. As we walked away from her house, in slightly pressing heat and humidity with sunlight streaming through the trees, I started to think more about something I had said to my sister: "If only I could have a free night, with nothing going on, just to rest..." This "if only" feeling is one I know well; it's one of those ones my heart feels, then takes a step back and says "Hmmm....there's something off with that."

It's most familiar home used to be back during school. "Oh, when I have no homework I will feel so rested!" Well, I've spent a year out of school and still struggle with the feeling, so obviously it's not homework's problem. This year it's become more of: "when I don't have to babysit" or "I have enough money" or "when I don't have to work" or "when I can get a good quiet time done" or "when I can go on vacation"...which eventually has turned to the more real answer: "Man! When I get FREEDOM from this driving un-peace in my life, I will feel a lot more at peace." *badoink* I think that last one's the ticket. :)

So today I walked down Amy's street thinking of this. There will always be something to do. Always. Life is life. The answer is not to never have anything to do; that would become miserable fast. I thought about all of the things I have to think about, all of the things happening in my life: things I'm doing, things people around me are doing, things I have to do, things I don't know if I should do... There's just so much to think about! Some HUGE life-change is coming up for me, and no matter what I do, mid-August, when I pack up my life in Kansas City and get re-planted in Tacoma, is getting closer every day.

I thought about these things and just said: "Lord, I need your PEACE! There will always be stuff going on, but what I need is your peace through it all. THAT is where rest for my heart comes from."

So in the decisions you have before you, and the craziness of your day, and the length of your to-do list, remember: Jesus is called the Wonderful Counselor. Go to Him with your questions. Then remember, He is the Prince of Peace. His peace will guard your heart and mind. I once heard a preacher (ha! I'm going to be living with his family this fall!) explain the verse this way: Peace will guard...that means it'll keep the good things in, and the bad things out.

Choose to say yes to the Lord's peace today! His plans for you are sure, and His pleasure in you is secure. He has plans to prosper you, and He is absolutely thrilled by the little bit your heart can say to him today: "I am Yours...No matter what, Jesus, I'm Yours."

"The Lord is my rock" -Psalm 18:2


Erin said...

Annie, who ARE you going to live with this fall?

Love or Nothing said...

thanks for this post girl.. i needed to hear that. and it's funny how God tries to reach us because this is the second time He's shown me that verse from Philippians (coincidentally from someone else's blog!) it's so hard to find rest in the midst of our busy lives but I hope you are finding that peace as much as I am searching for it. :)

kaylee said...

Hello, I have no idea how I found your blog, but thank you so much for this post!
I am current serving as a missionary in Thailand and in the last few weeks so many questions about the future have come up. I find myself running to many people for advice- hoping that they will tell me what to do with my life.
I so quickly forget that, as you said, Jesus is my Wonderful Counselor. He is the answer to every question. So simple, yet so easy to forget :).
God bless you!