Monday, June 08, 2009

One Yummy Package

I have something splendid to tell you about.

Yesterday I was introduced to food. I mean, I've had lots of stuff before that I chewed and it kept me alive, etc., but today I found out that food can truly taste amazing. Some friends of Vicky's family own a wonderful, chic restaurant here in Chicago and invited her and a friend (that's me!) to come eat. We were blown away. The owner suggested some wonderful dishes to us, and then when we chose two, she went ahead and ordered a third, just so we could try it. Incredibly creative french cuisine with Mexican ingredients and influences...need I say more?

I think what made it really wonderful was just the presence of the Lord. This couple seriously love Jesus, and it shines around everything they do. Our hostess got to sit with us and talk, and she was so encouraging! Not only do they run a wonderful restaurant, they love Jesus with their everything and just showered the love and joy that He's put in them on us. It was really a wonderful, wonderful time. Multiple visits from her husband the chef to make sure everything was alright...I don't know about Vicky, but I felt like royalty! We finished our unbelievable food (did I mention it was unbelievable? oh, okay) and then got to pray with the owner! Gah. So much astounding amazingness, rolled into one package.

Me & Vicky! Together again...
The dessert plate. Beautiful, no?
Vicky cutting the chocolate crepe. We laughed, so it was picture-worthy. :)
Smooshed chocolate enchilada.

Thank you so much, Iliamar and Carlos! You blessed our socks off.

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