Sunday, June 07, 2009


See above: Amy Lynn (she's unbelievable. It's almost like my heart was cut in two at birth and she's my other half), Laura (how long have I known this girl? FOREVER. and she can always make you laugh), Happy (aka Annie), and Vicky (and I think I've known her forever and a day. it's a soulmate type of thing. AND...isn't she BEAUTIFUL? gorgeous. they all are.) *overcome with the wonderfulness*

Here I am in Chicago, sitting in a familiar green chair, ready to begin to describe what the past three days have held.

Moving is so strange. Sometimes it takes stepping out of a place to really see what's going on inside of it. Like the tall'd be surprised what living away from tall buildings will do to you. I didn't realize how much I missed it, until I saw some on Friday and my heart nearly leaped within me. And crossing the street, dodging between cars...and cutting in front of taxis while driving, and creating your own lane, smooshed between cars downtown. It's good to be doing these things again. Coming back reminds you of these fun things, but it also reminds you of some sad things. Vicky and I have agreed that after living elsewhere, it is so easy to sense a spirit of hopelessness over this place when we come back. It's easy to get caught in it, and forget that God has done CRAZY good things for you, and He is totally trustworthy. God, infuse Chicago with your HOPE!

As far as a real-time relive the experience type of...experience, I'm not sure how much I have for you. I do know that I stepped off the plane and was almost whacked in the face with one thing: PEOPLE. I mean, I hadn't made it out of the concourse, and I was in crowds of people. Kansas City exemplifies the Midwest: spread out and sparsely populated (at least comparatively). Chicago, on the other hand, might as well be on the West Coast, the forgotten other large city of California. I walked down, past the gates, full of people waiting to travel to their exciting (and un-exciting) destinations, and found myself doing something very curious -- searching for faces! I think I've lived in KC long enough that my brain is programmed to equal large crowds with IHOP (it's the only place I ever see them). When I'm at IHOP, it's almost guaranteed I'll see someone I know or at least recognize and can smile at. Walking through Midway I had to remember that this city is not that way. I believe there are about 10 million people here, and I know personally know about thirty. Suffice it to say, I didn't recognize anyone.

Since my dad picked me up, I've been in a non-stop whirlwind of hugs and old friends, pictures and tired feet from walking too much. It has turned out splendidly to be home, actually. I haven't seen Vicky in two years; she and I are getting some quality time. Have I mentioned that I'm SO excited for when she (Lord-willing) moves to come to college next fall...we'll finally live on the same continent [again]! Yippee!!!

I'm happy. :)

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