Wednesday, June 03, 2009

It's the People

For the last week I've wanted to sit down and write something, but (obviously) haven't. I mean, I've written a bit for myself and Jesus (which is always good), but I've literally opened a "Create Blog Post" page and had nothing worth writing. Now I'm sitting here at the Bohlender's kitchen table, the babies are asleep, and I figure if I'm gonna write, it might as well be here on Randy's computer. Here it goes.

I'm moving in a few months. Practically, there are a few loose ends to be tied up here in Kansas City: I need to earn more money (thank you Jesus for my job!) so I can pay rent when I arrive in the Pacific Northwest, I haven't yet been to Blue Koi, and I haven't learned how to drive stick shift.

I love working at IHOP because I get to be on base and see some of my favorite people all day long. If I never taste the fancifulness that is Chic Chinese Cuisine, I'll live, but the plans to go to Blue Koi were made in the back parking lot on base after going to eat Indian with a fabulous group of people. And while I'd like to be able to answer "actually, I TOTALLY know how to drive stick shift!" when people try to deny me use of their car on such petty grounds, I only want to learn because a friend promised they'd teach me.

It's the people.

Katrina twittered this the other day while we were hanging out:
On my way to chipotle w/ @Anniepeterson. She made a comment about not knowing where she'll be this time next year. I grunted grumpily back.
You know how that makes me feel? Loved.

I can't tell you how many times Randy & Kelsey have threatened to sabotage my move. Katrina makes sad faces when I talk about leaving. The thought of not seeing Christina's lovely face almost every day makes me want to melt like ice cream in Houston. It's the little comments: Tim saying it'll be a sad day when I go, and Joshua pretending like it's not even happening.

These people I call friends in Kansas City? They're really special.

So while I'm joyful about what's ahead, and excited to be part of the community in Tacoma again, I want you to know that what the Lord has done with me here in KC has been really, really special. Someone made a comment the other day to the tune of "My goodness! Go away from Kansas City for two weeks and you might as well have said goodbye forever...things change so fast!" That made me ache inside.

I want to do whatever's necessary to ground these friendships now, so that in a few months when I am having the time of my life dancing in Northwest rain, I can stop in the middle of a leap, run inside, pick up my phone and call them: "Oh, I wish you could be here!"

So remember this unbelievable group of friends for a second... There's another change-dynamic that moving puts on things. I have spent the past year living in the same city as my oldest sister Elizabeth. This is momentous because she was in college when I was born. (Read: we haven't lived together all that much before KC). Suz & OJ moved here a few months after I did, which results in me doing life with Liz & Suz at the same time. This is new, I think. I'm fairly sure that for the short time Liz did live back at home with us, Suz was in college, or living in an apartment with some girls. Then, in December the cherry on top, lovely Amy moved back to KC. NOW we have all four sisters in one city. This is literally unheard of. This time has been so precious. I have gotten to know my sisters better than ever before, and I have felt almost like the one on display, as if I was getting found out. The three of them have grown together, lived together, gone to Europe together...but this is the first time all FOUR of us have done life together with me old enough to interact on the same plane/be an actual almost-adult. Crazy.

Then, add in the kids! What am I going to do without all my little nieces and nephews running and chubbing about?? *sigh* Good thing there are crazy awesome amounts of kids in Tacoma -- children are certainly treasured there!

My parents always tell me I'm a people person. It's really true. It's not the Super Target on 135th I'll be going without when I move, or the opposing gas stations at Holmes & Red Bridge, or even the tragic concrete scenery of 435... No, no. I can tell you what I'll be missing:

the people.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss you and your tweets about the Kansas City locals! I'm so excited to hang out, hopefully this week! :)

Randy Bohlender said...

I am still not convinced we can't throw a monkey wrench into this whole wretched plan. :(

Annie - the Bohlender tribe loves you much.