Thursday, June 18, 2009

Too Much

I am bearing the brunt of my family's jokes for my new screens endeavor.  Don't worry; they all love me and support my growth in life, sometimes family life is just interesting.  Peter's reasurring glances over to me along with his: "Don't worry, Annie.  I think it's great you're doing screens" are helpful.

This issue is on my mind, which is probably why I just had the following nap-dream:

There I was, hanging out with Tim's team.  Oh look!  We're headed over to FSM to do worship for the Israel Mandate Conference!  We just stand around, hanging out in the un-open bookstore, and eventually begin to save seats for ourselves.  Tim asks for a Pellegrino.

When it's time for everyone to go up, I suddenly realize: "Why am I here?!  Oh no...I'm here to do screens, of course!  I've never done screens at FSM!!"  I proceed to go back and forth around FSM, searching for the "screens cave" as I've heard it referred to, and cannot find it.  While I'm lamenting the thought of not getting to listen to the talk-back mic [seriously, that was going through my dream-head], I'm panicking about not being able to figure this all out.  I spend a lot of time hurriedly walking, while trying to search for "Abby" in my phone so I can call her and get help, but my phone just will not work with me.  It keeps deleting letters I type in, and when I try to hit [SEND] it doesn't have the right number selected.  Panic sets in.

The last I remember is that a visiting lady stopped me and proceeded to complain about how we mis-represent FSM as being too far away and thus force people to ride shuttles to places where food is so much more expensive, while the guy back where she was before was selling dinner for a dollar something.  She motions outside saying, 'I mean, this is what I would call an urban setting'.  (implying that we had represented it as hick-ville).  The street was paved better, and there were more cars and lights.  Hey, it did look a little less country-ish, but I wouldn't quite call it urban.

I just listened, perturbed that some lady had no idea that the world was falling apart because I could even find the dumb computer to ATTEMPT to put the words up for the songs.

The end.


Anonymous said...

Haha, welcome to our world. :)

Anonymous said...

I can definitely relate :)

Once I dreamed that I had to run screens for a conference, but instead of stairs there was a sort of rotting ladder to the screens cave, and Joel Hartke wouldn't let me try to climb it.

Somehow I got up there later, and then Mindy ditched me, and someone else came and told me there was also a staff meeting, and it was super stressful and none of it was going right, yada yada yada.

Mine was also a nap dream, and those are always worse for some reason! Yours was a lot funnier than mine though :)