Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Trains of Thought

Wednesday morning is a screens morning for the 6am, then team breakfast. [I really like Wednesdays!]

This made me think about the dream I had last night, all about people on my team. Weird dream, awesome people.

Then I left team breakfast, went to work, and struggled with feeling like a nobody; this was strange, because I felt like the hugest somebody during breakfast.

This made me think about insignificance and what a liar it is. It's so easy to wrap myself up in feeling validated by little things like a text from the right person or joining a worship team, and forget that I would be nothing...except Jesus, the God of the Universe, the King of everything that exists, said I was worth His life. That sets the bar real high, and honestly, everything else gets to fall by the wayside.

Then I dropped off the car some friends let me use this morning. First of all, it blessed my socks off that they volunteered their vehicle just because last night they heard my extensive, complicated planning for how to get where I needed to be today. Second, I walked in the house and started interacting with their baby boy. Anna (his mom -- great name, huh? :) came over and said something to the effect of agreeing with him that I carry the fragrance of Christ, and that was why he liked me, then she smiled at me and said "David likes Jesus."

This made me think about all the people I love; and realize why, for so many, I love them. Just like Paul said:
But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him. -2 Corinthians 2:14
My friends! They carry the fragrance of Christ! He softens hard hearts and makes spirits that used to be bitter sweet. I am so thankful for the fragrance of Himself He has put in the ones around me. Thinking about this puts into perspective why fellowship is SO GOOD!

I went into the coffee shop with Christina and we met her boss. He asked her to buy him a chocolate milk.

This made me think about chocolate milk. Then I bought one.

I went to the Bohlender's house and had salad with them. I'll leave you with the few things THIS made me think about:

1) The girls. MY girls. They will begin to walk and talk while I'm gone. They'll run and grin (although they already do that) and they will get taller and taller. They'll wear real shoes and go to Sunday school. All of this, and I won't be here.

2) There is a new baby coming! I left their house and just wanted to worship the Lord and smile really big because this little girl is going to be so precious, and I am SO thankful she will be here in a few days! Let the schemes begin of what sorts of treats to take Kelsey after delivery. :) :)

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Kacie said...

You are right! And in my opinion mentoring is strategic for that - they are most open to the gospel in their first 6 -12 months in the US, after that they start to adopt the US materilist worldview and something changes. So - by being a mentor you're able to walk side-by-side with them in their first few months. Also - when you work with an organization like World Relief you're working directly with Christians, but the government usually matches Christian refugees with WR. By working with a non-Christian organization I'm matched with more Muslims, and while I can't openly prostelytize (sp?) while I work officially for them, I can share my life and how my faith affects me, and after a few months their relationship with the refugee organization ends and I can interact with them freely.

It's cool.