Saturday, July 11, 2009


Referring to my last post:

The slurpee was a fail. I know, I know -- tragic. I walked in, didn't see any signs, so to avoid embarrassment, I decided to just spend money. I filled one cup up (pina colada and coca-cola, of course), went to the cashier and made a passing comment: "so, no free slurpee?" His eyebrows raised with recognition, he reached under the counter, and pulled out the tiniest slurpee cup you have ever seen. One twitter friend told me it is a 7.11 ounce cup...whatever it was, it was too small. I bought a normal slurpee (then only drank half of it).

On the hair front, I give you exhibit A:
Exhibit B:
and exhibit C:
(exhibit C is for the purpose of inspiring you to smile so your nose scrunches). In case you didn't get this from the pictures, it's pretty much about one word: bangs. I am so excited to have something new and fun, and the [fantastic] lady taught me how to do all sorts of fun stuff! Here's hoping I stay inspired. (If you're in KC and need a haircut, please let me tell you about this lady...she really is great!)

And lastly...Jesus still enjoys you. It's true. After our Saturday afternoon set usually comes Misty's solo devotional, and she was singing about how the Lord doesn't grow bitter or close His heart to us even when we fail Him. He really is faithful, His steadfast love really does endure and reach out to You unendingly, and He delights in giving you His mercies anew every morning. When you open your eyes tomorrow, believe it, remember it -- His mercies are NEW.

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Love or Nothing said...

love the bangs! i just got my hair cut too :) and i just wanted to tell you that your beautiful spirit and heart for the Lord is such an encouragement to me.