Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Today I stayed home from work. This cold is nasty; I've been comforting myself over the last few days with the thought that someday Jesus will come back and there will be no more colds ever again. Have you ever thought about the little stuff that will be no more when righteousness reigns on the earth? Of course we've looked forward to cancer being vanquished and oppression being smashed, but it's true that there will be victory in "little" things too! No more colds!

I didn't actually sleep until 2pm...before that I a) spent a lot of time on facebook (which, I can honestly say, I don't usually enjoy doing) and b) got a lot done! I've been a little convicted over the last few days about passivity in terms of getting all my ducks in a row for college, and the chunk of hours today provided was the perfect time to be productive!

I found out that I will indeed register for classes when I get there. I started my Math Placement Test...oh boy. When the first, super easy Algebra problem popped up, I smiled, then couldn't believe I smiled! Wait a minute, do I actually like math? Oh! I forgot! I do!

The last math I took in school was AP Calculus. I squeezed by with a B, but let's just say it wasn't my cup of tea (especially since I was learning it on my own on a computer program). As difficult as it may have been (okay, and I was a little passive in learning), it was still AP Calculus...and yet, today, when I got to numbers 10 and 11 of simple problems, I couldn't remember basic Algebra.

Dear people! (And dear old-math-teacher, I know you're reading, Jeff! :) How do you do square root again? and functions? and sets of answers? AH! This is the stuff nightmares are made of. Don't tell me the answers because I only got part way through and decided to finish the rest later...but I can't look anything up or study.

Then I did the kind of productive thing where you shell out money. Plane tickets! First, plane tickets to New Jersey for Kim's wedding. She brought her fiancee to KC for us all to meet, and we love him! I am so stoked -- it's like a sister getting married! It will be nice to go to college knowing I'll see all the fam in three weeks anyways. Plus, I've never been to the East Coast. I'm going to fly into Philadelphia, then might have to take a train to New Jersey...quite the first experience!

And then...then I bought a plane ticket to Tacoma. A piercingly, markedly one-way ticket. I made sure to fly on Southwest so I can take as much stuff as possible for free. The date of departure is August 19.

So, on this Wednesday, the eight of July, I have exactly six weeks left in Kansas City. I think I'm going to start praying for joy not only for my heart but for all my friends too -- that we would all be able to be HAPPY! together during these last few weeks, really almost happy about me leaving, because me going to Tacoma is something God set into motion. He leads perfectly.


Anonymous said...

Yup :) No more headaches, no more footaches! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Will you please please blog at least twice a week while you're gone so that we can all know what's going on in your life while we're missing you like crazy and you're off being happy?