Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Zoe Foundation

It's exactly one week until the biggest event to hit Kansas City since the Great Snow of 1907.  Don't know about the Great Snow of 1907?  Neither do I.  Don't know about the Zoe Foundation Banquet?  Well, you're about to find out.

The Zoe Foundation was begun by Randy and Kelsey Bohlender as a way to promote adoption as a positive alternative to abortion.  In a nutshell, the foundation seeks to provide means on multiple levels for children to be adopted who otherwise might have become one of the victims of abortion.  To quote Randy: "In order for the church to really say it's pro-life, it's got to be pro-child."

If you have a heart for abortion to end, you should be there.  If you love adoption, you should be there.  If you want to understand how these two issues fit together, you should be there.  If you like food and fun people, you should be there!  Lou Engle, founder of TheCall is the keynote speaker, and the night is going to be unbelievable!  

To find out more about the people behind this (some of my dearest friends!), read Randy's blog HERE.  To spend two minutes of your time seeing the unrivaled beauty of adopted babies and adoptive families, click HERE.  From there, look around the website, read everything, watch the promo video, then RSVP to come next Thursday, May 14, here in Kansas City.  (Or, if someone in Colorado happens to read this, go to the one in Colorado Springs on the 19th!)  Don't forget to say that you were invited by a table host (because I am one!) and put my name (Annie Peterson) in the blank.  

Hope to meet you there! 

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