Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Zoe Foundation Banquet

It was wonderful.  I love being with people, and boy...were there people.  We had fifty-to-a-hundred more than originally expected, extra tables were brought in, and the room was packed!  
Seriously, what could be better than a room packed with people you really like, talking about how God feels about adoption and what we should be doing?  Randy and Kelsey rocked while they brought the be pro-life, you have to be pro-child.  God is doing something great in the earth, and it undoubtedly involves the fatherless and "unwanted" being welcomed with open arms into the Church.

Plus, everyone knows I had the COOLEST table.  That's right, the coolest.  See below.

Joanna Reyburn  and I.  I heart her.  In fact, I heart her so much that I'm putting this picture up even though it's blurry, just because it makes me happy to be in a picture with her.  

Oh, and some random guy who worked at Chipotle bought her burrito the other day because he had read her blog and been encouraged by it.  Ummm...any Chipotle-worker readers out there?  I like the Barbacoa, with black beans, green  sour cream and cheese.  

Next up, JM and the Cone.  I promise they weren't actually bored, I just took these pictures while everyone was listening to someone present something, so everyone's looking focused.  Tim was, in actuality, very entertaining. (And he didn't pay me to say that.  Well, I mean, he didn't pay me more than a doughnut and a couple dozen eggs.) 

Plus, notice the way awesome view out the windows behind them!

Three lovely ladies: Crystal, Wendy, and my very own beautiful sister Amy.  Amy's saying hello to me through the centerpiece...Hi Amy!

Lastly, Tim and Truman...two of the coolest guys ever. (For serious, you should know them.)  Tim is dutifully listening (just like the other Tim, I promise he had a somewhat good time...I just wasn't taking pictures while he was smiling) while Truman is hamming it up for the camera.  =)

Dear Table-People, you're the coolest.  Thanks for coming to the party. :)

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