Friday, May 08, 2009

Call Me Crazy

To quote myself: "When people develop a fascination with air conditioning (as seems to have happened in Kansas City), it might be hot, but you're always cold!"  My sister was particularly impressed by this quote when I said it about a year ago while visiting KC.  

I enjoy being warm.  Very warm.  I love, love the feeling of when you first sit in a car that has been sitting closed on a summer day.  You know that warmness that presses in on you?  I love that!

Weird, I know.

It just got nice and warm here in KC and what do people do?  They run to turn on the air conditioning!  You'd think they were afraid of melting like beeswax candles at first reception of rays of warmth.  This results in me being cold all. the. time.  I want to wear short sleeves, but I can't go anywhere without a sweater!  

In conclusion, everyone please turn down your air conditioning.  Enjoy the warmth, soak it in, save some money on your energy bill...just turn down the air conditioning!  Freezing like a popsicle in July makes no sense.  No sense at all.


Unknown said...

I agree, i friggin agree!! DOWN WITH THE A/C!!!

Kacie said...

I agree too. I HATE walking into houses and offices and stores in the summer that are bitingly cold.

Anonymous said...

no, totally.
But... I'll have you know, (but don't tell anyone...) on Tuesdays from Noon to 2pm, the Section Leader at IHOP gives me the keys to the A/C and lets me have full control during that set because I prayer lead it for Grace. But, besides that set, during the OTHER 166 hours during the week at IHOP I would find yourself a nice hoodie you like and will wear... everyday... all day... and then fall in love with Christmas music in July, that helps. j/k