Sunday, May 24, 2009

Etiquette Part 2: It Takes Two to Tango

First, let me congratulate everyone collectively on the success of my last post. I went out to ice cream with Friend Tim and Friend Clayton and they opened my car door AND my front door for me. I felt very affirmed.

In conversation with Jessica, however, we realized that my last post was somewhat deficient. We were talking about weddings, and I mentioned that the only difficult part of a wedding is standing around at the reception, hoping someone asks you to dance and one does. She suggest I write a blog post and I heartily agreed.

Now, I'm not going to push the dancing like I did the door-holding. I mean, the door-holding is an always, while I understand that sometimes it would be just plain awkward to ask someone to dance.

But...know this. We (girls) really like it when you (guys) ask us to dance. I remember very clearly being asked to dance at different weddings, and that it made me feel so valued...both times by guys that I will obviously never be in any sort of romantic relationship with. Like, definitely, never, it was absolutely not romantic. So while it may seem like asking someone to dance is akin to asking for their hand in marriage, I'm telling's not.

So dear honorable young gentlemen, next time you're at a wedding, consider asking one of your friends to dance. Technically, it's socially unacceptable for ladies willing to dance to sit down while there are gentlemen in the room not occupied dancing with someone else. Of course, that social norm is from two and three hundred years ago, but hey! it's always good to have a little classical-ness kept around. Go make Emily Post proud.

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Anonymous said...

*mental note* don't enter ballroom at weddings if there are girls standing around. =)

unless of course it's a minuet. but that'll never happen.