Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Don't judge my parking.

Today I went to Blanc with some friends. It was spectacular! Blanc is a super fun burger place in Westport, that is basically famous around IHOP, and I had never been. Our conversation was interesting, I'll have you know, though I won't be reciting it all to you in detail here on the blog because that would be just plain boring. What I will share with you, however, is this redeeming bit of information (redeeming on my behalf in case any of you doubted my driving abilities). I'll have you all know that, according to Adam Hanly, I do not have Female Driving Syndrome.

I'm honestly not even totally sure what that particular disorder (FDS as Adam likes to call it) is. The only explanation he had was a little anecdote about a lady who stopped in the middle of an intersection to finish a statement to a friend in the car and then, once she was finished talked, proceeded to let traffic continue normally.

By that definition, I suppose I'm free and clear. In fact, I would even say I'm at a very low risk of ever developing FDS.

On second thought, Adam had to take over parallel parking for me today when I just could not make it work. He fixed it in about three seconds. Excuse me, aren't I supposed to be from Chicago, the city some have called the Land of the Parallel Parkers?



Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Ahem. You didn't spend enough formative driving years in Chicago to be the recipient of that Land of the Parallel Parkers skill, I suppose.

Allen Skipper said...


Adam Hanly said...

So while working on my website, google gave me a message with some "incoming link" thing that showed my name.

It's good to know my theory on FDS is breaking some ground. HA!

You may or may not make the prognosis of FDS. But there are some symptoms. hahahaha.

Anyways, good to see that you've got a blog, and are promoting awareness of FDS. :) Kidding...

but keep writing!