Thursday, January 22, 2009


President Obama is, well, President.

As I've typed before, there is not one issue more important to me than abortion.  Watching Tuesday broke my heart because of the babies...  Because our country just voted in a man who is expected to appoint a couple judges to the Supreme Court.  Considering his ideologies, those judges would be expected to lean far to the left, including a defiance of any sort of ban on Roe v. Wade.  Now, I can totally see the Lord stepping into this situation - picture this possible outcome: Obama appoints a judge that seems like a promising liberal, but instead turns around and becomes the key to overturning Roe v. Wade.  That I can see happening.

But there's more than the judges.  There's FOCA, and that he's expected to lift the ban on using US tax dollars to fund abortions in Mexico.  Most of all, there's the simple heartbreaking fact that our country said they were okay with it.  Honestly, it's not just Obama's problem.  

It's mostly ours.  The people...they have said yes over and over again.  The thought of a society that doesn't flinch at the killing of babies being legal...that breaks my heart.  I want Jesus to come back.

"We're standing in the gap, between this nation and Your wrath.  We're guilty, have mercy..."

My other thought of the day sprouted out of so many people referencing their wishes of "What if Martin Luther King could see this day?  Don't you wish he could have been here to rejoice?"

And I thought: "What if MLK could see this day?  How grieved would he be?"

Now, yes, it is victory that there is a black President.

But when I think about MLK, I think of a man who fought for righteousness.  I don't think he fought injustice out of pride or because he wanted good things to happen to him.  I think he fought because what was going on was absolutely EVIL.  I think he was a man who had met God, and had been given a fire in his bones to attack something that was unrighteous.  I think he fought because it was RIGHT.  And I think his definition of RIGHT came from the Word of God.

So, bring it all together.  Yes, the fact that Barack Obama is President is such a step forward.  But would this great pastor who forty years ago fought for freedom for his people, rejoice in limited victory at the expense of righteousness?

There's no real freedom apart from Jesus.  When His righteousness reigns on the earth, we will have a such greater understanding of what it truly means to be "free at last."

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