Friday, January 09, 2009

My heart is heavy...

Yesterday, standing in the pharmacy section of Target, I saw and heard two girls. They weren't old -- maybe 18, 19... They were [nervously] giggling and one was giving advice to the other: "I just like this one because it says 'Yes' or 'No' faint lines you have to try to read." They went on to confer about how many to get, and how expensive the tests were. I thought about saying something, but my mind came up blank and I walked away before they did.

I spent the next fifteen minutes walking around like a zombie-of-sorts, picking out my brown sugar and my flour, the half and half and the cream...crying inside. I held it together until I got back in the car and my mind raced: What if Jesus had been standing in the aisle with them? He was. He was and I kept my mouth shut. What if she is pregnant, and doesn't want the baby like so many others... And I wept. It hurts so bad... So much of it. Why is this a reality in our culture? Why, to so many, would that scene be somewhat "normal"? And why...why am I so frightened? So what, I didn't know what to say...what if I had tried...

I went back into the store, literally thinking about answering Christ on judgment day for my actions that night. I walked through the aisles, didn't see them, and ended up in the baby clothes section, buying gifts for babies I know...I like to call them the "Rescued Ones"...Anna and Mercy, adopted through a series of miracles, hours from being put into foster care.

Jesus, I give you those girls. I ask that you would break into their lives. I ask for Divine protection over any babies that perhaps may be resting inside of them. Set your path for them, set your path for their children... and Jesus, make me bold. Forgive me for keeping my mouth shut...forgive me.

Then today, answering normal general e-mails that come into TheCall, I read one that said that Congress could be voting on the Freedom of Choice Act as soon as January 21. Looking it up, I found this article. Quote from Cardinal George about the ramifications of FOCA potentially being passed:
Parental notification and informed consent precautions would be outlawed, as would be laws banning procedures such as partial-birth abortion and protecting infants born alive after a failed abortion. (emphasis mine)
That makes me sick to my stomach, and I literally have a hard time thinking of something more evil.

Jesus, have mercy. Please, please let us see the might of Your hand and stop this bill. Protect the babies...

Then, Bound4LIFE twittered this article from 1871, published in the New York Times. If only they would publish it again. Back then there was no controversy...abortion was murder. They saw it though it happened in secret, and apparently, they wrote about it. The last line reads:
Certainly enough [information] is here given to arouse the general public sentiment to the necessity of taking some decided and effectual action.
If only the man who wrote that article and entitled it "The Evil of the Age" could see us now...

My heart is heavy.

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Love or Nothing said...

that breaks my heart too... in a world where youth is enabled to make choices like destroying a life without a second thought, it's up to us to change hearts and minds on behalf of our God. it's so difficult though-- and honestly, i would have done the same thing as you in that store. but keep in mind that prayer sometimes has a bigger effect than spoken words. :)