Thursday, January 08, 2009

I have my moments

Just call me oxy.  

There are certain moments in my life (I'm not quite ready to make a blanket statement about ALL the moments yet) where I am an oxymoron.  Examples you want?  Well, since you asked...

I have been absolutely convinced for years that I don't like to write || I love to blog.

I've also been sure that I don't like art for a very long time || I really enjoy designing with color putting together rooms, love color coordination in weddings... (And when I have my own house, I want a bamboo-green dining room, with brown dishes, so as to showcase my awesome brown tea set from China!  I kid you not when I say that I think about these dishes a lot...multiple times in the last month have I wondered if you can even find nice brown dishes, and whether or not that would be weird, etc.)

I love to give people things || I'm absolutely convinced gifts are not my love language

Chicken is difficult for me || Chicken nuggets are my fave! (especially them)

Gym class was the worst! (I suspect it was having to change into gym clothes) || I really enjoy running on my own.

Sports?  Ahem...learning how each individual sport works took me about as long as it took me to finish high school. || Soccer!  I think soccer is SO fun to watch.

Never ever ever in my piano career have I practiced enough || I sincerely hope that soon I get my act together and build my repertoire because I LOVE being able to play fun pieces well.

What about you?  Where are your ironies?

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