Friday, January 30, 2009

26 Things...Transferred from crazy facebook.

I have to say that I kind of doubt I'll be able to top Peyton's. Just sayin'...
And, I'm doing 26 because Dora did and I think she's cool. :)

1. I love making things match. Take my pains me that all my tissue boxes can't match the color scheme of my little 3x5 space.

2. My home church is in Tacoma, even though I've never technically lived there. Sometimes I miss them so bad it physically hurts.

3. I have a Congressman's business card in my wallet. I was walking him backstage at TheCall (but didn't know who he was). He handed it to me after I, in a shell-shocked state, had a hard time remembering whatever name he said after "Congressman..." his position? Representative, "United States Congress".

3. I've been on a real football field (Qualcomm in San Diego)! Woohoo! Too bad I didn't tackle anybody (and there were no footballs around).

4. I get scared of sharks in the deep end of swimming pools.

5. My claim to fame in Kansas City is pretty much totally the coconut cakes I make from time to time. Now not only do people ask me if I'm related to Elizabeth [RED HAIR ALERT!], they ask if I'm the cake-baker they read about on Randy's blog.

6. I love playing classical piano but CAN'T STAND practicing.

7. I finished high school in three years.

8. Mike Bickle gave me $1 when I was 8, and I'm still praying through the bitterness about how I had to spend it at the coffee shop, but other people who I talk to who he gave money didn't have to.

9. I flew alone without telling the airlines I was actually an unaccompanied minor and survived.

10. I'm seriously considering not going to college. THERE! I said it.

11. The only time I have ever talked to Michael W. Smith, he was wearing pink sunglasses.

12. I fed the B. twins at the same time the other week, AND mastered the "double dismount" -- how to put them down at the same time after holding them both. That made me happy.

13. I went on a boat for the first time summer '07 in Tacoma -- it opened new doors of joy in my heart.

14. It seems to be a favorite of everyone to put their habits of falling asleep on these lists so here's mine: I listen to my sleep playlist: a little Misty, a little Reimherr, a little Josh Groban, and I'm in a state of rest.

15. Oh! Before I got an iPod speaker for my birthday from my fabulous parents and sister & bro-in-law, I would just go to sleep with my earbuds in. This began to worry me as morning after morning I woke up with the chord completely around my neck. I kept doing it because I figured the chord wasn't strong enough to choke me, but personally, I'm glad I survived.

16. Sometimes I think being an administrative assistant is my dream career.

17. I really have a hard time eating just one cookie. 

18. I have only one outfit I wear gold-colored jewelry with, and even that's not set because I'm wearing the outfit with silver today. Gold might match my skin tone better, but I don't prefer it.

19. I've never been overseas, and I've only been to Canada once (I was 2 and don't remember it).

20. I was too little to remember, but my family says I told them about Jesus actually appearing to me when I was really little. Apparently, He told me I didn't have to be afraid, and for the first time in a long time, my dad had a night where he didn't have to come stand in my room so I had peace to be able to fall asleep. I told them about it the next morning.

21. I've lived with my sister for the home-coming of two of her children.

22. I don't like milk in my coffee or my tea...half and half only! (and WAY too much sugar)

23. I have a secret dream of singing on a worship team in the prayer room. 

24. I used to really want to be a doctor (even said it in my 8th grade graduation speech!), but now, the thought is really hard for me to deal with.

25. I have what is probably an unhealthy obsession with goldfish. (the kind you eat...or at least the kind people who aren't Mr. Mann eat).

26. I love Jesus. If I could give everything, even my life, all for Him, it would be worth it. I can't wait to see His face.

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Unknown said...

Your home church is in Tacoma but you've never lived there? That might take some explaining! What church is it? I live in Washington state, although Spokane is all the way on the other side. LOVE your writing, kind of sounds like my daughter. She graduated from high school (in Spokane) packed up her car, and drove BY HERSELF to Kansas City to be in the inaugural year of The Call Institute. Her whole life has changed since then too. For the better, of course.
Bless you!