Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One Week Anniversary

Happy One Week Anniversary, stuffy nose.

It was this time last week that I woke up in the dark of the morning with white spots on my throat.  I headed off to do my fill-in nanny job anyways and felt moderately miserable until I went to bed later that day.  

Thankfully, the white spots went away, but Mr. Congestion has stuck around...  I kind of wonder what his personality is because he seems to like to MOVE but never LEAVE.  Sometimes, it's my nose.  Sometimes, it's my throat.  One day I coughed a little and the coughs sounded loaded [you know what I mean] but the next day it was back in my nose.

I have, however, kept myself tanked up on Sudafed ever since, probably in response to some comment about going the natural route, my sister made a comment to the tune of: "The more you keep it cleared out up there, the less chance of a sinus infection."  NO SIR-EE.  No sinus infections for me.  I've been tempted to pretend that the Sudafed directions actually say 3 hours instead of four, but it's okay...I was patient.

Yesterday I felt better -- only one dose in the morning!  Today, my nose is running like the Salmon of Capastrani.

Dear cold/flu/whatever you are....don't you think a week is long enough?

Not yours,



Love or Nothing said...

feel better girl!

j.sarge said...

Hello...thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been a terrible blogger and havnt posted or read comments in awhile.

Its nice to meet you, dont go there today I threw myself a pitty party.EH...its one of those days the low feeling days. Get better colds are terrible. My family like to give them to me...them little carriers.LOL

Have a great day!!