Monday, January 12, 2009


35 minutes ago, my birthday ended.  Oh, it was so splendiforous.  You want proof?

Saturday -- girls' day out at Cheesecake Factory (followed by movie and shopping!):
Party today after church:  Christina the wonderful...
Zoe, the cutie:
Randy, Jackson and baby Anna (can you tell she's loved?!...Jackson and Anna are Randy's first and fifth/sixth --she's a twin...I don't know who's older!-- children):
Wendy and Ariel:
Zoe likes cupcakes:
Evening with the family.  Yes, those are sugar-glazed lemon slices.  Yes, that is a beautiful sugar filligree design gracing the top of the cake.  Yes, my sister is amazing.
It's lemonade, people.  Lemonade.

And the part there aren't pictures of?  The part where Jesus spoke so incredibly clearly and gave me a church service like I've never had before?  The part where He spoke over who I was and how important it is that I'm turning 17 TODAY (for have absolutely no idea how awesome this morning was...when was the last time you heard the preacher call all the 17 year olds out?  hmmm??)?  There aren't pictures of that, but it was the BEST PART.


Jacquie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog (and commenting!), Annie. I am amazed that a girl your age has kept a blog since 2005. Very impressive.

You are so pretty, but even moreso, you're heart is beautiful. I wish I'd had a walk with God like you do when I was your age. Some godly young man will be blessed to find you someday.

I hope your birthday was awesome!!


loooove the cheesecake factory! cant get enough of that place! :)

Love or Nothing said...

happy belated birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

even if it is late, happy happy birthday! sounds like you had a great day. i'm a big fan of cheesecake factory as well. so yum! loved the pictures- looks like you're already having a blast being 17!! :)

Anonymous said...

Annie, I wish I could have been there for your birthday. Oh, wait, I was there, for all of the several/many parties of the weekend. Hooray! Can you have another birthday soon?