Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Yesterday I dropped something down the drain. It was tragic. I tried to pull the stopper out (and did...uh-oh again) but my handy-dandy tool was lost forever. No, it wasn't a contact lens. (I hope that never happens to me...ugh. Once, my dad didn't have a case, and put his contacts in a spoon filled with water next to his bed, and somebody cleaned up the dishes and BAM his contacts were gone. moving on...)

I dropped the super-duper suction cup lens-removing thingamabobber. I'm glad that, in the process of research for this blog post, I found that you can order them online. I will be buying one pronto. Observe:

This little thing is so helpful. When I lost it, fear hit me as my contact life flashed before my eyes. Oh no! What if I can't get the contact out! (Which does happen fact, I'm sitting here writing with one contact in and one out, because I don't have this little handy-dandy tool, and was having trouble with a certain left eye contact that shall remain unnamed.)

I hoped I would just never run into a problem again (ha! here I sit with one contact in) Like, I used to not be able to get my contacts out AT ALL without this little suction tool, and then one night, it got locked in my mom's office at school, I didn't find out until the middle of the night when I needed it, and the Lord worked a semi-miracle, and I popped my lenses out for the first time (and then stored them in a prescription bottle). Voila!

All this to say, appreciate the one-inch suction tool. It's my friend.

NOTE: I have hard contact lenses. Sometimes, I wonder who ever invented them. Piece of plastic on your eye? What in the world!


Anonymous said...

those are the craziest but coolest little things ever invented. (i wore hard contacts for a few weeks) and was freaked out the first time I tried to use it. surprisingly it wasn't difficult at all, just weird. i call them mini eye plungers.

Anonymous said...

i remember that night that it was locked in your mom's office. =) what were we doing? watching a movie at the school?

fyi - if you lose something down the sink, if you turn off the water right away, you can usually get the item back. if you look under the sink, the pipe goes down, makes a "u", comes back up a little, then goes into the wall. the thing will get stuck in the u part. you can remove that part of the pipe pretty easily and get it back. granted, you will also get a bunch of dirty, yucky water, but you can usually find your item, which is nice, especially if it is a ring or contact or something expensive. i saved a contact that way once (i washed it really good, after). as long as the water hasn't pushed the item all the way through the u, it'll still be there. not sure how heavy the "mini eye plunger" is, but it actually could still be down there. anyway, you ordered a new one already, so you probably don't care. but, if you ever do drop a ring or contact down the sink, don't fret. just turn off the water right away, and it should be waiting for you underneath the sink (in dirty water). =)

(hope this explanation made sense)