Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Just when you thought you had the cat in the bag...

I figured, "hey!  I learned to drive in a Chicago winter!  I got this DOWN."

Then I drove away from the onething house down a hill.  Oops, we don't have any of those in Chicago.  I didn't get in an accident or anything (praise the Lord), but I did have to drive fifteen miles an hour down Red Bridge.  Liz called me while I was at my friend's house, told me to go home, and gave me a three-second lesson in how not to slide over the phone.  I was off, switching into 2nd gear down hills and pumping the brake the whole way.  Thanks, sister!

I got an orange scarf to go with the new coat:

Pretending to be a spy (aka how I kept my neck warm before I got a scarf):

Better views of the whole thing:

The thing is, I really need gloves and a hat.  My fingers ache for a while after being in the cold...is that weird?  

Lastly, my sister Amy is on her way to me!  (Insert shameless plug that her book Perpetua is one of the best books every written by one of the best authors ever to live.  It's about a third century martyr in Carthage-- how she met Jesus, learned how to live the Gospel, married a godly man, had a baby, then gave her life for Jesus in the ampitheatre -- true story.  Get it!)  She is leaving Hawaii, where she was my sister-in-law's faithful companion while Sam was deployed.  Although it's hard for her to leave them and the beauty and sun of the island life, I am so glad she's coming home to me!  She'll get to her final destination, KC, in a little over two weeks, and then it will seriously just be ONE BIG PARTY here in the middle of the midwest.  Hope you still have your winter coat, dearest, because the snow is crashing our party in massive amounts.


Sarah said...

I had no idea Perpetua was written by your sister! I LOVE that book. I sent it to a friend of mine while she was in Iraq and she said it really ministered to her, too. Your family just pretty much is amazing, no?

Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Aww Annie :) I'll be there soon!!!! (WITH my coat, etc.) And no, it's not weird that your fingers ache when they've been cold. Actually, quite normal.