Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Madness Begins

The Christmas guests begin arriving tonight.

This is going to be wild.  It's like one non-stop party from now until January 2nd, when everyone not taking up residence in KC will officially be gone.  First Christmas, then onething08...

So, I really wish I had something interesting to blog.  Let me think...

Oh wait, I do!  Except, I can't find Liz's camera cord, so I can't upload the videos that will melt you like the sun on a 500 degree day (from cuteness...the cuteness will melt you).  When I get home, I will attempt to upload said videos and pictures.  Let's just say that Pre-School Christmas Programs are priceless.

What else, what else...  Ummm....  Nothing's coming.  If I think of anything interesting, I'll let you know.

Oh wait!  Christmas shopping...  I have one more official gift to buy -- after that there are a couple more I might get, but being almost done feels so good!  Let me clue you in on a few deals:

Amazon.  I'm falling in love -- free shipping not once but TWICE.  The way to Annie's heart is through free shipping, which is why...

Gymboree makes the list!  Free shipping and 20% off EVERYTHING!

How is Christmas shopping going for you?


Anonymous said...

My Christmas shopping?
ehh...not done.

amy (metz) walker said...

Definitely not done with Christmas shopping. I'm kicking myself at this point!

hootenannie said...

We're both AP! It is a very good thing to be. :)

Merry Christmas to YOU, Annie!

Word verification is "rhine" - like "Over the..." and THAT is a good thing, too.