Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Coat

I needed a winter coat.  Here is photo evidence of the fact:

Last winter:
The winter before that:

When you think of Annie, do you think of 4 years old, Big, Purple, and Poofy??  Ya, neither do I.  See, I needed a new coat.

Me and Black Friday became {somewhat} friends as I searched the sales.  All you people who say you can't stand the day: just wait 'till you get half off the winter coat you needed.  Back to my story.

I went shopping on Friday, tried on a couple coats and left not totally defeated, but not victorious either.  I kind of had to just face the facts:  I didn't have money for a coat.  As we drove away, I voiced my prayer for agreement from Suz: "Jesus, please provide for a coat!"  

Honestly, I was kind of only half-expecting it.  Jesus has been so incredibly good to me over and over again for the past five months.  He's provided, and has been kind in such tangible ways...  He's just done it over and over again -- and my flesh is so tempted to feel like I've used up the Jesus-being-good-points.  You know, like three times, you're out.  

Apprently, Jesus wanted to show me different.  In the mail the next day was a check...for more than enough to get whatever coat I wanted.  I've heard of people getting checks in the mail just in time, and now I've experienced it!

So, I went again on Sunday to choose a coat.  It must have been the day for people asking me what size I was, because it happened twice.  First, a lady was shopping for her daughter.  That one I understand, and I was happy to oblige.  The next instance was an older portly man who had been shopping for a fur coat as a gift.  As I checked myself out in the mirror in various coats, I caught him watching me in the mirror.  He saw me catch him and said "Pardon me if I'm watching you, but [and hold right there because "pardon me if I'm watching you" is no way to start a conversation] {he continues} I just bought a coat for my girlfriend and she has hair just like yours."  Oh, well then.  I smile kindly, and keep checking out my coat and wondering if it's creepy that he's watching me try on coats.  Then, he asks what size I am.  Apparently his girlfriend is: "A little smaller than you, but..."  Sheesh.

And THEN I turn around to find him right next me, holding the coat he just bought.  He goes: "Honey, you don't mind if..??" and holds the coat up to my head!  Apprently it matched my hair quite well, and he was pleased with his choice.  Congratulations, man.  I finished my shopping quickly and walked away.

The story continues...the store didn't have the size I needed, so I got the info and headed home to buy it online.  Foiled!  They don't have it online...  I call the store to find out if there are any locations close by that have my size...Oak Park Mall has ONE.  

I try to call and put it on hold, but no one answers.  I leave a message.

I then turn my play-games-to-celebrate-finishing-college-applications party with Katrina into a coat-shopping party.  Poor Daniel was willing to play games with us but not go buy a coat.  Sorry, dude!  The sale was ending that night.  What can I say?  =D

9:45pm -- We got to the store and the parking lot was deserted.  "It's open till 10!!  It's open, right?  It better be open!"

We get inside, find some sales ladies, and the search is on.  The situation is explained: "If we sold it today, it won't register in the computers until tomorrow, so when it says one it might actually mean none."  Prayers go up.  We search and search.  I find it!  YAY!!!

THEN, I got to pay for it.  I had a $25 off card to use if they would let me use my sister's Macy's card.  I had a really hard time deciding whether to just try it, or whether to explain the situation first and ask if I could use the card...I was afraid they would ask for id!  Can you imagine how awkward that would be?  "Um, sorry...this card isn't actually MINE."  

So, I explained and one of the ladies explains that no I can't use it.  At least she gives me a 10% off coupon.  She walks away.

The girl ringing me up says "You just HAD to ask in front of her!  I wouldn't even have asked!  I wouldn't have noticed!  But now, she's my boss, and now I can't do it..."  I liked that sales lady, she was nice and honest, even if I didn't get to use my $25 off card.

Then I was tempted to bang myself in the head, but instead told the Lord that it was His money in the first place, and He can afford the extra $25.  Really, He can.  

The end.  


Caroline Schell said...

Thank you very much! It was amazing! I hope you're enjoying your new coat :)

Anonymous said...

your story made me burst out laughing! kudos on your new coat *grins*
no, I've never used twitter and will confess I know nothing about it. now i'm curious and will have to google it.

Mary Marantz said...

LOL! what a story!!! that guys sounds pretty sketch!!

Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Hooray!!!!!!!!! I knew this end of the story, but didn't know about the prayer the day before it arrived :) Jesus is SO, so, ... friendly, don't you think?