Thursday, June 26, 2008

Various Insundry Thoughts (is that redundant?)

I have what I like to call a blogger-brain. I see something, and I think how I can blog it. I think about taking pictures to put on my blog. I pretend I'm witty in my brain and devise wonderfully perfect 10-word sentences to sum up my ideas. Hah.

The trouble is that I usually forget what I thought of by the time I actually get to writing a blog. That...was a very long sentence.

So here is a grouping of what may or may not turn out to be entertaining glimpses of random thoughts and beginning sentences of *various insundry* blogs...

A Tribute to Blog Brains Across the World

Sometimes I eat Peter's cookies, and, honestly, I'm not totally sure how he feels about that.

On Watermelons and Coconuts
The birds are singing in the trees today and I, well I am hoping that copper pot doesn't fall on my head.

Sometimes I'm a really bad blogger...

There's some sort of little creature that likes to rustle around in my room while I'm trying to go to sleep at night...

The Right Choice
"Jason, will you accept this rose?"

Just For Fun
Sometime I lik t leav of th las lette o th word I' tryin t typ...

When life cuts you down, drink some juice...

There's this strange intersection where a bright pink accordian file meets a firefly and all of a sudden you have a pink glowing lantern. This is sort of how the water meets the clay and you get pottery.

What to Do with My Life
I like history, but I really (really!) don't need a Ph.D. in how the 12th century Spaniards cut their fingernails. It might be interesting to know how they did, though? Think of the crazy hangnails you could get while cutting your nails with a vegetable knife? Eek.

If Stanford Would Let Me In...
I would go for a run today.

Did you know that your real estate agent wants to eat you? Yeah, you're right... she probably doesn't.

I Don't Even Have a Real Estate Agent
That's probably a good thing.

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