Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Seat in the Gymnasium

So, I'm sitting here volunteering at the youth conference that is Fascinate '08.

You should be here.

I'm working registration...the only thing is, it's dinner break. So I get the late-arrivers and stragglers whose 10-hour drive went a little long. It's fun to be here to answer people's questions and find out their name and give them wristbands. I even gave a woman directions to the prayer room. Yes...I've been in Kansas City long enough that if you are at FSM and ask me how to get to the prayer room, I can tell you. *CHEER!*

Only thing is, these late-arrivers, they only come ever 10 minutes or so. Maybe more often, but honestly, you only get a few things to do. So, I'm sitting here, trying to bide the time until there's a possibility for a more dense population of registrants to come to my little table. Nice thing is, I use a laptop to sign people in so here I am (obviously) writing a blog.

I've been surfing other blogs...some normal, some new, some that I just haven't checked in a while. But I thought there might possibly be list I could make of ways to keep myself entertained until another person comes, wondering where the bathroom is (actually, somebody asked me that and at first, I totally didn't know...great conference worker I am. My brain promptly began working again, though, no worries).

  • Blog (aren't you glad I'm blogging as we speak --[I type, you read=we speak]
  • Play sudoku
  • Grapple with a crossword (I must be honest here and say that grapple for me means that on any word I don't get quickly, I rifle through the letters till the program says I found the right one...I'll be honest: that's kinda cheating. But hey, it's entertaining, which is kinda what I'm going for here...)
  • Have fun with the fact that the computer I'm using is super fast. Oh, the joy!
  • Text people. I already texted Miriam, she's at Six Flags.
  • Smile! I just did. at the lady who came and asked me point her to the director lady.
  • Watch the skit the people were practicing. Lifehouse's Everything has been playing in the auditorium for a little while. Now it's stopped... :( Sad times, I liked the background music.

It is fun that I sit here with a name tag. Annie Peterson - International House of Prayer of Kansas City. I even signed an e-mail like that today because I was doing some assisting work to one of the leaders here. That is fun! I wear the name tag at the prayer room and working with IHOP stuff... it makes me feel very official. :)

Today I had an incredibly interesting conversation with a man at the company in Washington, D.C. that supplies many street vendors in the area.

Oop..."Everything" just started up again...and then changed songs. Let' ssee what's next...

So this guy, I asked him if he had vendors that operated near the National Mall and he said no. But then he was very curious to know what I I explained to him that I was trying to get in touch with the vendors to suggest that they have extra water...

Oh! It's Rita Springer, I think.

So, I was explaining to him that we are needing lots of water at the Mall on August 16. He got all excited (business opportunity!) I told him we were expecting 200,000 people and he was wowed. He promised to have water for 200,000 people there, August 16. I hope our conversation was clear, because I had to explain to him that we weren't hiring someone to bring water, we just wanted to get in touch with the vendors to suggest that they have extra water. So I hope he understands. He also wanted special permission to be there and I said I didn't have the authority to give him that. I hope that there's no misunderstanding...I'll pray for it, and hope that there are lots of vendors around with LOTS of water for all those fasting people on a day in the middle of August.

Hmmm...I've gotten a few more random people coming up. It's fun to interact with them. I kinda said that already... There are a TON of people here. It's pretty cool.

Alrightey. I'll sign off of this and if anything exciting happens, I'll let you know...

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