Thursday, June 19, 2008

the Post Office Redeemed

A while ago I realized that I needed to get my passport renewed, in case I end up going somewhere exciting this year. We didn't get it done before I left Chicago, so I decided that we had to bit the bullet while my dad was here in Kansas City. I scoped out the territory online and we went today. Liz suggested that we go to a branch that was a little bit farther but is manned by super nice people.

OH MY GOODNESS. Nice Post Office people! Kind Post Office people! It was amazing. Like the clouds opened up and light shined down.

The lady was just so awesome and gentle and happy. She took me to go take my picture, and she had a stuffed rabbit in the picture room! Someone had lifted the bunny's hands to the sky, and she quickly righted it, returning it to its proper sitting position, and commented how someone had messed with her bunny! A bunny! All fuzzy in a Post Office. It was like a sign that it was the most gentle, soft, fuzzy post office in the United States...

It must have been slightly strange to receive a passport application in Kansas City with Chicago addresses all over it. Not to her! In the middle of looking through all my stuff she said, "You must be here for IHOP?!" Oh wow. She said that she had heard that the music was just amazing and that she really needed to go. I guess a lot of people come through for IHOP!

Smiles, gentle voices... It was wonderful.

And I have a passport coming in a few weeks. =)

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