Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Parting Ode

With diploma in hand
It was time to say goodbye to the band
Of dear ones who had traversed
The high and lows of the roads until they almost burst

With laughter at me

And the ways we could be

Always strange and bemusing

Keeping others confusing

Us with a group of wild badgers

Who had probably been eating all their cheese.

Before we parted

A few of us formed a way to remind me where I started

We set out to get some apparel

Probably made by some guy named Darryl.

Cubs and Chicago, foerever shall be

By these shirts engrained in my memory.

We saw the sights and wished the Cubs well

and eventually were forced to say farewell.

Goodbye, dear friends who I hold close inside

I'll see you soon! Be sure to come temporarily reside

In Kansas City and eat all my cheese.

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