Monday, June 16, 2008

the Return

I'm back.

I've safely navigated the dangerous waters of graduating, the SAT, the ACT, horseback riding, saying goodbye to Chicago, and moving to Kansas City. Now I have brainspace and finger energy to blog again.

I don't have current pictures to upload just quite yet... I would, except, my computer is really slow and, well, Elizabeth's is really fast. Thus I am in the middle of a computer affair. My poor little gray slowboat-to-China is sitting cold and lonely up on the desk, while I whiz around internet world on Liz's speedy Freddie. (I just named it that, her computer doesn't actually have a name, to my knowledge). I will have pictures soon, though, as I have promised them to a friend.

I feel as if I should recount my adventures of the past few weeks...

It's grand. And marvelous. And exhilarating. And fantastical. And I'm done.

We walked (more than a few minutes late, but we walked all the same). And I gave a speech. And squeezed Abby's hand as we just could not believe that we were graduating.

the SAT and ACT
I took my SAT Subject Tests the morning of graduation, so that was really intense. Then I lost more time when I stopped at Starbucks, and thus got turned around and spent 15 minutes driving away from my house, the wrong way down the street.

The ACT went pretty well, except that my calculator was running out of batteries. I knew it was getting low, so I brought batteries with me, but when I went to change them during the test I found out that I had brought the wrong size as replacements! So me and the calculator did the Dance of the Dying Batteries where it would turn off at the push of the "Enter" button so I would turn it back on to see what the answer to what I had punched in actually was. The ACT felt a lot more secure than the other tests and I will be able to see my scores in 2 weeks.

I'll leave the last three: horseback riding, saying goodbye, and moving to Kansas City until pictures can accompany! It's good to be back!

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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Hooray, you're back! I've missed you these busy weeks :)