Sunday, April 27, 2008

Nope. No title comes to mind.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

April 13th?? Way too long. But I have a way to defend myself. 1) There is one of the most beautiful, fascinating, beautiful, intelligent, beautiful, and enthralling (and did I say beautiful) ladies residing at my house right now. Amy has taken up all of my time. 2) Well, she's taken up most of my time: the time that wasn't spent on my term paper.

How about pictures to make you a happy anna-blog reader once again? Some of the cutest dresses EVER:
I LOVE this black and white one

I think this dress is so pretty!

The official formal dress! Wahoo!

The ever-stunning Amy

So, yes, I got a formal dress. That was totally blog-worthy. It happened whole week ago, though, and these pages still haven't heard it. Ach.

Here's something that is more forward looking (as opposed to back-tracking as a two-week overdue post should do): my schedule. Argh! So busy... I wish I could just upload a little calendar. Let's spell it out:

May 3: Take the SAT

Final day of Merit. Perform with Merit Singers and Concert Choir.

May 4: Merit Graduation. Solo in song with Merit Singers

May 10: Piano recital. Huge Huge Huge Huge HUGE. Can I even tell you how I excited I am for it and how major it feels? It could be my last one! :(

May 12-16: Minneapolis missions trip.

May 20: Tickets to the symphony. (I know that's a purely recreational activity, but it's still on the schedule)

May 23: The formal! (Also recreational...but still...takes a lot of work)

June 5: Last day of school

June 7: Take the SAT Subject Tests

Graduation -- maybe have a piece ready to perform in duet with Amy on violin

June 14: Take the ACT

Then: Leave for Kansas City, probably.


Now, I need to go be with Amy and have a fun, relaxing rest of a Sunday. Let the craziness (fun craziness, albeit) begin!

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