Saturday, April 12, 2008

Holding On

So, ever since I got sick on Tuesday...I've been sick. Let's count. That gives me, what?, 5 days that my stomach hasn't been able to digest food right? Weak and skinny...that's me.

Today I had to go to music school, because I had a performance. Plus, I really wanted to go to my private lesson because my recital is in 4 weeks. Once I got there, she pointed out that we could have rescheduled. Didn't think of that -- oh well. By the end, I was quite tired out and feeling yucky...until I finally ate something. Yay for the banana.

Well, I've sat on the computer and watching tv for most of tonight, so I feel quite...yucky. Sitting around easily makes you feel that way.

Perhaps now I will go try out the music for the piano/violin Hungarian dances I got the score for.

Oh, and I have fifty notecards due for my paper tomorrow. eek.

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