Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dear Body

Dear Body,

I have a few things to say.

To my stomach: Sorry about that little incident last night. Can't have been pleasant for you. But the question I have is, if I give you some food -- besides that M & M you had earlier, which is, you might notice, the only food you've eaten since last night -- would you plan on rebelling then too? You might like the BRAT diet, so we're gonna try that. Please try to keep and use the toast to give me some energy.

To my shoulder: sorry about that whack yesterday. I didn't mean for that to happen. Thanks for only giving one little twinge today.

To my left arm: you are the one star of this whole thing. Thanks for your loyalty and pain-free state.

Oh, knee: Do you like this ice treatment? Don't worry, we'll find out about all of this next Monday, 1:30. It's my fault, isn't it? I pushed you too hard and didn't stretch you enough... Sorry. Thanks for not doing the whole burning-tingling routine today. But, dear, can we knock off on the pain? We can try some tylenol...

But right leg: Just because the knee decides to act up, doesn't give you any right to hurt like this. You hurt really bad in case you didn't notice. Why? Is it something caused by the knee, are you growing, do you just ache because I have a little flu??

And left leg: You feel like you're trying to follow suit of the right leg, just because... don't imitate him; he's a bad example.

And back: are you actually hurt? I hurt you too, didn't I? My most tender apologies. We're resting now...please feel better.

In general, can we all try to work together to not hurt so much, get some good sleep, and keep down any food we try to eat? Thank you muchly. Your cooperation is much appreciated.


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