Friday, June 08, 2007

School is over

And I have neglected my blog. My apologies. School ended! and I had the most fantastic school after-party (after the math test was over...yuck).
Well...I had the worst math test took me about 3.5 hours. I was pretty distracted, though. Amy was my proctor in Mr. Pan's stead, and, well, it was very interesting...the math was depressing at times, but the environment was interesting.

Then, we went and got bubble tea!!!!! So yummy...mine was strawberry coconut. yum

Then we sat outside for hours. It was so beautiful outside yesteday!!!! I got the weirdest foot cramp in my arch. It hurt soooooo bad!!!!! Oh, man, it hurt. Mr. Pan said that banana would help, so Christy ran in and got me a banana. The second I took my first bite, the cramp started up again, and it was just bad timing. Christy brought me water, too... took a while, but the cramp eventually went away (thanks for all the massaging, guys! =)
We then watched The Illusionist until 2:30.
This morning (or, this afternoon, more accurately, considering how late we slept), Rachel trimmed my hair (just a really little bit, with a little layering). you can't really tell, because it wasn't a cut, just a trim to get the ends off. Then Rachel and Amy made Swedish pancakes!!!!

Good times.

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