Sunday, June 24, 2007

Blurry Summer

Summer makes the weeks seem so fuzzy. It's so much harder to remember what day it is, and what day you did a certain thing, or how long it's been since you ate lunch... lol. This might just turn into the longest post ever, trying to remember what I've done recently...

I went to church today and then I came back and I ate a red bell pepper as a snack with ranch dressing...yum. =)

Well, I have spent TONS of time at Amy and Rachel's house. We stayed up late most of the time. We picnicked, we tackled, we drove a lot (well, Rachel drove), we danced, we cooked, we watched movies. [I should have done this blog a long time ago so that my fuzzy would be slightly less summer...I mean, my summer might be slightly less fuzzy.]

When Rachel is driving, Amy helps operate the radio; when a song they like comes on, Amy
cranks it up to a massive level and Rachel puts her seat back real far and drives gangster style. And then Mr. Pan can do it too.

Two Thursdays ago we went on a picnic. We grilled and had some brats and burgers and potatoe salad. We even played football (well, kind of...our version of football isn't very, um...official).

And then! We went swing dancing! It's this thing that Chicago has during the summer downtown in Grant Park. Rachel's friends from college came into town, so her friend Jeff taught us some steps. If you don't have someone to dance with, somebody just asks you to dance, and it's fun! I got to dance with this guy who totally knew what he was doing and told me that if anything goes wrong, it's ALWAYS the lead's fault. He taught me the Charleston. Fun!

We had a fun time walking back to the car.
Amy's feet hurt, so we carried her a little ways...

And then there was this general guy up on a horse. Who knows what he did, but we liked hanging out (literally) with him. Actually, he was a little stiff.... hahahahahahahahahaha -- okay, not funny.

The Petersons and I went to go see Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. And then we were in the weirdest mood. We didn't want to go home, because we didn't want to be bored. So we sat in the parking lot. For half an hour. We were kinda crazy. what else have we done. We went to have ribs! We had done sushi, but had been waiting for ribs for a really long time.

I thought they were really yummy. I have steered away from them in the past, but these ones were so tender and great. They were really good.

I also went to go see Nancy Drew with Vicky. That night, we went to go play beach volleyball with some friends. It was SO fun.

I have been doing a lot in my summer; it's quite exciting. Coming up this week: volleyball on the beach again, perhaps some Dutch Blitz playing, and getting ready for leaving for the summer. I am going to Kansas City on Thursday, and then after that I am going to Tacoma, Lord-willing. Busy-ness coming up! (But fun busy-ness)

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