Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Yesterday was such an awesome day....

First, I had a great day at home. I was cleaning and getting ready for the barbecue that we had for all the staff from the school. Both my parents were already gone when I got up, so I didn't see anybody until my mom came home around 4:00 to start cooking for the bbq. The great thing was that I didn't feel lonely the whole time! For me, that is amazing. Usually, I have to be with people. But yesterday, it was just me and Jesus and I was totally fine and had super fun time. Crazy dancing happens best when one is alone.

Then, everybody came for the barbecue. That was pretty much just okay, until Mr. Pan rode by on his motorcycle. I have to say that the split second I saw the bike, my heart jumped (literally), I couldn't breathe for a second, and every ounce of blood I have went through my whole body in one, count it one, nanosecond. I have been waiting so long to be able to ride it, because there was this one night when the other people got to go and I couldn't; I have been waiting for a really long time. Anyways, I got to go and Kim and Abby went and it was so fun. I smiled for so long; I'm still smiling.

That's Abby with the gear on and Kim on the bike.

Me and Mr. Pan had to take some biker pictures.

So, the boots: Yes, they were brown boots with black capris. But they're the only boots I have! Mr. Pan said to wear something that covered the ankle, and they were the only thing I had, so I wore the boots, heels and all. And I have to say that it went pretty well...

I like this picture even though my eyes are closed.

And I have to say, the boots MAKE this picture.

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