Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rain, rain go away

Nothing today has worked out quite like I thought it would. Which is fine. It's just different. It's raining. Really, really hard.

So, the gym is flooded. The school gym. I know that because I've been at the school....I thought I would be at Amy and Rachel's....so I didn't bring a lunch....but I didn't go to Amy and Rachel's....so I didn't eat lunch. My mom is completely soaked because she went out in the rain to fix the problem that was causing the gym to flood; now the nice YWAM people are cleaning it up.

I got some good stuff done for my mom today...working on the computer...typing documents...answering the phone. I like the phone on the reception desk. It feels so official. Much nicer than the old phone. In fact, here's a picture.

I like talking on this phone. I was glad when Mr. Pan called on the phone and we talked about how there's no volleyball today...because it's raining. No volleyball....no volleyball....just for the record, I brought four hamburgers, three hot dogs, eleven hot dog buns, mustard, and ketchup for the barbecue we were supposed to have at volleyball tonight.

I can still have a good day today...in fact, I have had one. And the fact that there's no volleyball doesn't leave me feeling like I'm at the bottom of the ocean or alone in the middle of the Sahara desert. But I was prepared. Board shorts. Waterbottle. Oh yes, I was prepared.

I'm leaving in two days for Kansas City. And then when I come back, I have a day and a half to get ready for Tacoma. In that day and a half, I want to be with my friends. Today, I almost got a doctor's appointment during that time, but, aha! they didn't have openings. I feel like there's a lot I need to do; but I'm not sure what it is. I think I will be going to Office Depot in a few minutes to get the backpack that I need before I travel. My old one broke. I had that backpack since fourth grade (well, I've had it since third but have been using it since fourth). My brother bought it for me. That was a good backpack. It finally gave out at the end of this year, and I spent the last few weeks of the year carrying around my plethera of books in a backpack that didn't zip. Props to Jansport for a long-lasting backpack.

But now I don't know what color to get....hmmmmm....

Yesterday was succesful. I sent a postcard. I paid some book fines at the library, but found out that the book I ordered came in. But I didn't know it came in, so I didn't come get it, so it went away. But I did rent Les Miserables, the story where I've heard the music but I'm waiting to see the movie until I see the play but I guess now I'm reading the book before "see" anything. I should play the music while I read and imagine it.

One other thing: my orthodontia has come loose. My bracket came off, and I tried to get a hold of my orthodontist numerous ways, but it has not yet happened. Wait and see!!

I hope this isn't a complaining blog entry. The writing feels quite succesful, actually. Complaining would be bad. I can still have a great day; and you know what, the changes make it more interesting. Maybe tonight I'll have the most amazing night. I don't know. But Jesus' plan is perfect, and his plan today did not include volleyball.

It did include this, though: this morning on the way to school, my mom surprised me by stopping the car in a forest preserve (I was confused) and letting me drive!

Actually the wonderful thing that His plan included was this: on the way to school, we were listening to music, and all of a sudden, my mom is crying...out of joy. She began talking about how why would God bless her and my dad so much, that all of their children are so in love with Jesus. She used the word "captured" and spoke of how wonderful Jesus was that my brother, at fourteen, had already had his heart captured by the Lord. Our God is most beautiful, most tender, most gracious, most merciful, most worthy to be loved and worshiped. He is ours. Our God...we belong to Him, and He abides in us.

By the way, the sun has just come out. =)

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