Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I would like to say first that there is a burrito in the microwave with my name on it. I ordered it at Cheesecake Factory on Monday, ate some for dinner then, had it for lunch yesterday, and I'm having it for lunch again today. Now THAT is bang for your buck.

More importantly, I would like to say that Jesus is kind. Yesterday, I ducked into the prayer room to pray through a couple things the Lord had just shown that were stealing my joy and peace. The Tuesday noon set is my team's, but I can't do it because I work. I always try to visit, though, during my lunch hour, and I would say that a majority of the time, I end up crying over something or other. Yesterday was no exception, as Tim began to sing "I am Your Father, I will take care of you. I am your Maker, I will sustain you." 1) I was praying through stuff having to do with the move and come on, if anything applies to this huge change, it's the promise that the Lord will take care of me. 2) Tim has been encouraging me that the Lord will sustain me when I go, so when he started singing it, it hit straight home.

Over and over and over and over again, God has done kind things for me in Kansas City, and today yet another thing became the cherry on top. I just love it when Jesus makes me smile. I love the way He loves me; I still find myself surprised when He is kind to me. You'd think I'd have gotten the message by now, but the truth is I'm still learning...but learning is really fun!

"You owe me nothing, I deserve hell. You owe me nothing, yet You've given me mercy..." Friends, He is lavishing His love on you right now, and if you are having trouble seeing it, ask Him to show you. God is close: talk to Him, then listen for a response.


Love or Nothing said...

hey annie,
as i was reading your post today i just got the feeling like i want to be so much more like you. my life/attitude has changed a lot since i moved home from college and while i know He always sustains, my words, thoughts and actions aren't reflecting Him anymore. part of me wants to blame it on the fact that i no longer have a campus ministry to hold me accountable every week but ultimately, the way i handle my faith is up to me. so i appreciate you sharing your heart here about what God is doing for you and the life you lead, because it encourages me to get back to the life & faith i used to know, even though it's really hard right now. thanks girl.

Anonymous said...

Read this blog and almost burst into tears. Not because of anything particular that you said, just because of how much of YOU was found in it, and because of how much I dearly love You.