Sunday, August 30, 2009

Google Calendar is my friend

Click on the picture to see it bigger and know what I'm doing every moment of every day. Should this be on the interwebs?

I'm beginning to feel like my life is defined by various shades of blue, red, and one very burnt orange.

Classes mean studying, and music means practicing, and once everything adds up, I find myself scheduling every moment of my day. The yellow you see above is committed time to studying (and yes, I know I'll need more than that -- this schedule is still a work in progress). If you notice, the purple-ish colored boxes are labeled simply "Jesus". I HAVE to get time with him, or I will burn out in exactly 2.5 seconds. I think I'm even going to give myself set time to be on facebook or blogs, and I was planning on working in one mid-week nap, but the chance of that is looking slim. When I was working on this last night, I totally forgot about needing to schedule in work, which is a pretty bad thing to forget to schedule. Also, piano lesson. I should e-mail my teacher and say: "Sorry, my only available time for a lesson in Sunday morning at 6am. Work for you?"

I'm currently desperate to listen to Mike's Power of a Focused Life message, so as to jumpstart myself in this. Well, by the colors above, you can tell I've kind of already jumpstarted.

Using Google Calendar makes me happy. Something about the colors, and feeling like everything is organized, and figuring out the best way to alert myself to Chloe's birthday only being a week away... On my backpacking trip we had to share "guilty pleasures"; mine was reading Real Simple. Real Simple's tagline should be: "How to Make Everything in Your Life Perfect." Actually, it kinds of makes my perfectionism (that will's a process) manifest like crazy. That and The Container Store -- the combination of the two would be scary.

Any tips on my schedule? New color to add? Schedule time to drink coffee? Actually a little "you will survive this" comment would be great right now, thanks.

**Also, if you look closely in the picture, the tab next to the Calendar is labeled "How to take a screenshot..." I put effort into my blogs. :)**


Anonymous said...

Oh your schedule is so full! I'm thankful to sneak in late night skype dates with you ^_^

Jennifer James said...

Hey friend, take this from a very dedicated student who has been there: schedules are awesome, but the college experience is about FLEXIBILITY.

It's very important to focus, but it's also very important to find time to take a nice walk thru campus, grab some coffee and a Real Simple, hang out with friends.

Studying is FOR SURE important, but you only get to go to college as an 18 year old once. Make sure you schedule enjoyment! Also, you should go see my family. loves! proud of how hard you are working to schedule and prioritize.

Unknown said...

What she said. College is not like school in that regard. It is all about flexibility. You will get everything done that has to be done, but it might be at odd hours. You will also have some amazing conversations and generally the most fun time of your life :)