Saturday, August 22, 2009

I think I became a college student today

I walked onto campus for the first time (and stylin' no less -- hiking boots and massive backpacking gear!), passed my fellow students for the first time, and actually shook hands with other Loggers. I sat there wondering: "So, am I a Logger? Will I ever actually be a Logger? Do I have to get excited about football to be a Logger?" These are the deep questions of college existence.

I may have walked in feeling like a draft horse with blinders on -- "Uhhh...I'm just going to walk on, because I have no idea how to initiate with you", but I left with a huge smile on my face. Let me tell you...I left remembering that there is something different about me. I can think and strategize to the enth degree about the best way to get the Gospel on this campus, but tonight I was reminded that -- wait a minute! -- the Holy Spirit is in me! I don't have plan encouraging statement (Mr. Collins, anyone?) or glue my smile open as far as it can go. When I talk to people, there is something different about me that they don't encounter in the next person, and His name is Holy Spirit.

I am thankful to be here, and I am thankful that I get to be out on an adventure, I have a mission, I have a purpose, and I know why I'm here. It's not about studying 3rd century Rome or re-learning Chemistry and Spanish. Nope, my whisper to the Lord this morning as I sat before the Psalms and cried (for the only time today -- victory, eh Christina?) because I just wanted to be home with my sisters and in familiar Kansas City was "Oh Jesus, this is all for You." That puts it in perspective. He will sustain me; He's already doing it.

"The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me..."


Anonymous said...

I tell you what! I bet Jesus was sitting in His chair thinking "Heck yes that's a victory! Now I'm going to get up from My chair and walk around a little bit because I'm God and I don't have to sit here forever...."

Anonymous said...

OK you may not believe this but I had that EXACT thought on my second visit to the prayer room. I must blame ignorance on my part. Until a month ago I was clueless about IHOP.

I also tend to read people's blogs in spurts so I don't always make the proper connections.

It would have been SO very nice to meet you as well! Who knows? Maybe one day :)

I can imagine the transition you are going through right now and you will definitely in my prayers from now on :)

Love or Nothing said...

"surely as i have planned, so it will be, and as i have purposed, so it will stand" - isaiah 14:24

the Lord WILL fulfill His purpose for you! no doubt :) going away to college can be hard, but when you look back you will be truly glad you did it! it was the time in my life where God blessed me the most to date.