Monday, December 26, 2005

We saw it

So, we saw it. Mixed reactions. Very good movie, movie-wise. But actually scary. Amazing special effects and you do get to feel for Kong, but it was tense. There was one part where I kind of starting crying just from the fear I would feel if I was in the girl's part. She was hanging onto this ladder that broke part-way off of the Empire State Building, and was hanging out over the city. I would be so scared. There were also some native people that were totally demon possessed, and they were weird. Some covering of mine eyes went on there and in a part where an oversized leech ate a man whole. Amy and OJ aided. Good realistic fight scenes between 3 T-Rexes and Kong, and he gains the girl's trust. Of course, my favorite part could easily be the love story between the girl and Jack (played by Adrian Brody). The girl was a good actress. Anyhoo, it's late. TTFN

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Nanda said...

I'll see it latter probably! bye