Saturday, December 10, 2005


Wow! I haven't posted in a long time!~
Well, first of all, I'm getting braces. My first appointment is on Tuesday. I feel like my teeth are really crooked, so I'm glad.
And, last night I went to see Chronicles of Narnia! that's the 2nd movie I've seen on opening day (last one was Pride and Prejudice). It was very well made, and very good effects, and I loved that you get to know the kids. Aslan didn't grip me, sadly, but that might be because I'm a little older. I read the book last week, and he didn't grip me then either. I like his lines, though, that kind of explain Jesus' sacrifice. I hope that people can come to Jesus through it.
And, next week is my music school performance. Our choir is singing Carol of the Bells and the Hallelujah Chorus (plus other things)! I hope it goes well. This leads me to the fact that I've been having quite a few dreams lately, as have my friends. I'll have to talk to you each personally to explain some of them, but at least one of them is really cool, at least I think. :) Some people already know what I'm talking about. :)
This coming week is the last week before Christmas Break! Tht's pretty exciting, especially because my family's coming! And little Ariel will be walking all around! By the way, when are you guys coming???
Love to you!


Nanda said...

Braces are fun! We can both have them now! Are you just having an apointment or are you getting them on, on Tuesday? Hope you take pictures of Ariel walking so I can see them when I get back, or when you have time. Love ya,

Kristen said...

i love cheeze and coke.

Kristen said...

i like chocolate. i'm a chocolaholic. ii'm high. lol!!!