Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

Hello! Are you having a blast during Christmas? I hope so. I am. My family's here. Little Ariel is toddling around switching between her silly face, being the lipless wonder (pulling her lips around her teeth and opening her mouth wide) and panting like a dog whenever she heard the word "doggy" We had a cool worship and sharing time before we opened presents and it was good to look at Jesus before opening our gifts. Her hair is so long! Lots of movies are being given this season (I got Star Wars III!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), so we will be watching some of those. My brothers spend most of their time playing James Bond. Ariel is the cutest-I have to stop writing so that I can play with her!!!

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Nanda said...

Its now January 1st and I'm writing to you! Thats nice that you had a wonderful Christmas!