Saturday, June 05, 2010

I think I missed a step

Isn't it funny that they just let us grow up?

I was thinking the other day about something...what was it...wait for it...okay, I can't remember.  Basically, it was some basic part of life, which, when I thought about it, was surprisingly shocking that I am allowed to do.  My line was something like "like, who decided that all of a sudden I am qualified to do this?"  You know, it was something like climbing a mountain or picking out my own outfit.  Sheesh.

I mean, I was a kid.  We were just kids.  Now we're adults (at least legally) and don't live at home and can ride a horse or drive to the store or go on vacation or cut our hair all by our lonesome.

I decided that I have seen a definite sign of aging in my life: when people who used to be *ahem* interested in you are now getting married I think you've reached a whole new level. 

Yesterday?  Yesterday my hair was lighter red and still curly, I was missing three teeth, and I didn't know how to spell beautiful. ("BEE-AY-OOTIFUL")

Today, I am gradually realizing that I can go on vacation when I want to and it's okay to have a brownie right before bed.  You know, just 'cause I want to.

And tomorrow?  Tomorrow I'll have 10 children and live in Estonia somewhere.

It's funny how you just grow up.


Danielle said...

TOTALLY! Oh Annie, wait til you have a baby. The first time you absolutely cannot believe they're letting you leave the hospital with this little thing! "Who said it was ok?!!!"
I love your blog and the way you communicate:) Funny and passionate. Bold and silly. Real and bee-ay-ootiful! :)

Anonymous said...

Ok I LOVED this post! I am still smiling from it.

Which by the way, I know it's been forever since I said anything in this blog sphere world, but congrats on making it through finals and making it to SUMMERTIME! :) Hope you have a fantastic break!!