Saturday, May 17, 2008

I'm back from Minneapolis! It was quite the time. From getting lost on the way there to the amazing YWAM base in the boonies surrounding Minneapolis to the box-throwing physical labor to getting picked up and thrown in a pool to playing with the little babies at the Marie Sandvik Center to shopping the largest mall in the country (and getting some pretty cute stuff) was a jolly-great time.

I don't have pictures to show you at the moment, because my camera ran out of batteries and instead of using my spending money on batteries, I used someone else's camera and will get the pictures on Monday. Wow. I sound really cheap.

We did a whole bunch of stuff on the trip. We helped out doing cleaning and box moving at a couple places, and we packaged food for starving children around the world (we packaged enough food in our 2 hours there to feed a few kids for a whole year). We played with little kids and talked with elderly people, and we fed and prayed for the homeless.

So, the missions trip is over. Three weeks more of school. The formal is next Friday...then I have a performance at Merit on the 29th...graduation and the SAT on the 7th...some days of horseback-riding, Lord-willing, at Frans...then the ACT on the 14th...then off to Kansas City!! I very much hope to keep this blog updated through it all, but if I don't, I hope you understand that instead of writing a blog I am probably practicing piano or sleeping or drinking orange juice...something else to keep myself sane. No, really, I like having a super full schedule with lots to do...makes me feel fulfilled and makes me crave chocolate chip cookies all at the same time.

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