Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I am having an incredible's an incredible gift from's incredible that He is so for me and that he blesses me so visibly and so....incredibly. =)

I got to Tacoma on the sixth and went straight to a wedding. And I sat there and I cried. It was a nice wedding, but I wasn't crying completely about the wedding... I thought, "Look at this! I'm here! I'm HERE! Look at You, Jesus! You give me desires of my heart that I had forgotten about. I'm here."

Now it's a week-and-a-half later. I get to spend time with adorable Judah and stunning Ariel.

Now I am on a vacation...with my whole church. Almost 200 NewSongers are here at Lake Chelan. It's so fun. I've been out on boats and I tried water-skiing and I've swum a lot. But I think my biggest thing I'm excited about from this vacation is Chloe. I have been getting to know her, and I love it! It's such a gift from Jesus -- such a gift.

we went on Brian Moberg's boat and he gave a us a CRAZY ride. =)

we took this picture because both our dads made us wear life-jackets on the boat...we were very submissive and obedient... :)

they had an incredible hulk pinata for the was so cute, as exampled by Ariel in this picture. Most of the kids were little, like 3, 4, and under; they didn't really know when to stop hitting, so Brian Brennt was the referee of the hits; his mid-swing grabs of the stick were quite skillful.

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