Saturday, May 05, 2007

On the side of my nose

It sounds like a song: "On the side of my nose~~~"

Um, the side of my nose is doing poorly. During our gym class (which was minus-Mr. Pan and therefore quite a bit scattered), the first thing that happened when I walked onto the court was a ball got thrown, it got mad at me, and decided to smack me in the face.

Well, usually you get hit by the ball, you wonder if you have a nosebleed, you never do, and you play again. Well, maybe it started that way for me, but I soon had what I call a "basketball-burn." I'm it fractured, or something crazy like that, but's a basketball burn. The receptionist said that it's probably something like a rug burn, just done by a basketball and on my nose!!

I don't know what the crazy thing is... it was bleeding a little while ago, like a cut. It makes my nose feel pressured inside. When will it go away? Plus -- it's in every picture that I take. As exampled here:

I don't care that much...but it's interesting...

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